Speaking Events and Conferences

Here are some of the events and conferences where I have given keynote speeches, presentations, served on the organizing committee, or represented organizations:


October 24:  International Conference: The valuable role of mountaineering and climbing sports for developing sustainable tourism in mountain regions of the world, such as Caucasus - Western University, Baku, Azerbaijan

Here is a copy of my presentation:

The Historic Role of Mountaineers and Climbers — Leaders of Mountain Protection

Powerpoint version            PDF version


November 4:  Public Lands Fall Forum, Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association - Bishop, California - presentation on transforming mountain user groups into mountain stewards, including best practices and successes in building stakeholder collaboratioins. Here is a copy of a presentation on this subject that I gave at a conference at Banff, Canada in 2008: Understanding and Managing Amenity-led Migration in Mountain Regions.

October 4-10: International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) General Assembly - Bormio, Italy and Stelvio National Park - As the President of the UIAA Mountain Protection Commission I will be giving a presentation on a new ecotourism certtification system we are developing with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for guides, tour operators, trekking companies, and other ecotourism groups.

September 26-30: GLOCHAMORE 2 - Global Change in Mountain Regions - Perth, Scotland; organizing committee; presentation on Citizen Scientists: Helping to Transform the Mountain Protection Paradigm; panel discussion on "Whose Parks Are These Anyway?" sponsored by Scottish National Parks. This international conference was organized by the Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College, University of Highlands and Islands in collaboration with the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) on global change and the world’s mountains. The conference was also endorsed by the Global Land Project of the IGBP and IHDP, UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) programme, and the Commission on Mountain Response to Global Change of the International Geographical Union. The overall conference theme of global change and the world’s mountains included a wide range of themes addressed by scientists from diverse natural and social science disciplines. I will give a presentation that focused on how "citizen scientists* can be, and have been, involved in increasing scientific knowledge, understanding, and awareness regarding global change in mountain areas. I also participated in a panel discussion on this topic during an evening session open to the public, which was organised with the Cairngorms National Park Authority and included community leaders from the region. This conference, which was attended by over 250 people, was also an official event in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the city of Perth.

July 29-August 1: Exit Strategies: Human Waste Management Conference - Golden, Colorado - I served on the organizing committee of this very informative international conference hosted by The American Alpine Club.

April 7: Visitor Impacts & Monitoring Symposium - Yosemite National Park
Scientists, academics and protected areas managers gathered in Yosemite Valley for this excellent symposium convened by the National Park Service and introduced by Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources Dr. Niki Nicholas. It was encouraging to see that many international perspectives on these important subjects were highlighted, including outstanding presentations from scholars from Asia.


IUCN World Conservation Congress, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, October 2008. Climate Change as an Opportunity for Conservationists to Build New Alliances.Report of a workshop at this Congress. See page 8, Citizen scientists on vertical landscapes: Climbers and park managers in California’s Yosemite National Park.