Supplemental Information for Events

Here is some more information that might be useful for event participants:


Framework Paper on Valuing Ecosystem Services  A new and very useful publication from the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), a leading conservation NGO in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region. March 2011 (pdf 676 KB)

Protected Areas for the 21st Century: Lessons from UNDP/GEF's Portfolio This is a very timely and informative report published by the United Nations Development Programme and the Convention on Biological Diversity in 2010. (pdf 6MB)


Managing for Climate Change: Developing Strategies for Protected Area Managers This is a 106-page report on the results of a seminar organized by BfN (German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) and the United Nations Development Program, at the International Academy for Nature Conservation, on the Island of Vilm, Germany in  August 2010.


Effective Language for Conservation (a 2009 report)

Dead Planet, Living Planet: Biodiversity and ecosystem restoration for sustainable development  This is an e-book published by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP). Restoring lost and damaged ecosystems from forests and freshwaters to mangroves and wetlands can trigger multi-million dollar returns, generate jobs and combat poverty according to a new report compiled by UNEP. This is part of their series of "Rapid Response Assessments" with best practices and data on the monetary value of ecosystem services...

Transitions and Tipping Points in Complex Environmental Systems. Report by the NSF Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Education. (pdf 3.3MB) "A connected generation is growing up with a new capacity for collaboration and interest in social experimentation enabled by new computing and communications platforms. In this digitally connected and socially networked world, people are no longer passive consumers of information. They interact with and contribute to information and co-create solutions in cyberspace. This invites exciting new avenues for learning opportunities that meaningfully connect people to their environment through data and models. It is time to ask how we can best promote environmental literacy by engaging a cyber-connected society for the benefit of environmental science."

The Amenity Migrants: Seeking and Sustaining Mountains and Their Cultures (2006)

Recommended online information resources:

USGS News - Here is a recent news release of particular interest to mountain stakeholders: Climate change has had a significant effect on mountain vegetation at low elevations in the past 60 years, according to a study done by the University of California at Davis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and U.S. Geological Survey. This information may guide future conservation efforts in helping decision makers develop regional landscape predictions about biological responses to climate changes...

Conservation Online  is a "one-stop" online, public library, created and maintained by The Nature Conservancy in partnership with other conservation organizations. The library makes conservation tools, techniques, and experience available to a broad community of conservation practitioners. This site is intended to foster learning and collaboration, and provide information and support to anyone making conservation-related decisions, from the staff of conservation organizations to land managers at government agencies to local land trusts to private landowners. Through discussion groups and information sharing, ConserveOnline is an open forum for sharing successes and failures, and for connecting scientific research with field-based conservation practice.

This information has been collected by members of the IUCN Dark Skies Advisory Group. The list includes several parks in the US and many in Canada and Europe. Light pollution has been found to have negative impacts on wildlife.

Mountains as Early Indicators of Climate Change. 2008 (3.87MB)

Guidelines for Planning and Managing Mountain Protected Areas. 2004 (pdf 1.7MB)

Turning Mountain Migrants into Mountain Stewards: Best Practices, Future Promise in Bridging Stakeholder Divides (2008)


Mountain Protection Update - Japanese Mountaineering Association's 50th Anniversary event - 14 January 2011 (5.8mb pdf)

Building Connections to Success - 3.8mb PDF version of presentation to the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association in Bishop, California in November 2010

Stewardship Facilitated Workshop - 6 mb PDF version of presentation to the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association in Bishop, California in November 2010 15.2mb


Video clip of citizen scientists in Yosemite

2008. 15.2mb