How Business Can Help Parks and Protected Areas of the World

I believe that business has a crucial role to play in ensuring the preservation of parks and other types of protected areas, such as national forests and seashores, wilderness, reserves, refuges, sanctuaries, scenic landscapes, watersheds, and preserves.

The volunteer manpower, expertise, and technological skills that businesses can provide for projects can contribute greatly to the preservation of natural and cultural resources. Funds donated from businesses to non-profit groups that focus on parks and protected areas can ensure that precious lands can be protected, and in some cases additional lands can be acquired.

Here are some other ways that businesses can help parks and protected areas around the world:

  • Park and protected area gateway businesses can be effective advocates and supporters for parks and protected areas, creating a mutually-beneficial long-term relationship
  • Businesses can provide participants, media attention, and support to Volunteers-in-Parks programs
  • Businesses can provide participants, media attention, and support to other types of preservation, assessment, restoration and clean up projects in protected areas
  • Businesses can work with non-profit groups to donate needed technologies and expertise to assist a range of natural and cultural resource projects in protected areas