The Importance of Advocacy

I believe that strong businesses and communities result when their people contribute in many ways to overall economic, environmental and social success. Not only do I encourage this in others, I make it an important part of what I do.

"Business has become, in the last half of the 20th century, the most powerful institution on the planet. The dominant institution in any society needs to take responsibility for the whole. This is a new role for business, not well understood or accepted."    -- Willis Harman

I strive to help individuals and business groups find ways to be part of a solution, not part of a problem in their communities. Here are some examples of my advocacy projects around the world.

Many also see an urgent, growing need for urban dwellers to have chances to connect to nature throughout their lives, whether in their urban area or beyond. This promotes mental and physical health in individuals, societies, and nations.

People also gain a stronger sense of stewardship and understanding of parks and wildlands when they have a chance to volunteer their talents and energy to preserving them. I am actively involved in helping to establish and support Volunteers in Parks programs in national parks.

At the same time, some see the need for rural dwellers and indigenous peoples to have chances to connect to some of the important benefits that urban areas can offer: economic stability, technologies that improve health care and communications, and technical and scientific expertise to understand and preserve the natural environment.

I donate significant time and expertise to organizations, agencies, and governments that are addressing these kinds of issues and needs around the world. A more peaceful, productive world will result when benefits flow beyond boundaries of knowledge and territory.

I feel that maintaining this kind of balance between the for-profit and non-profit worlds broadens our understanding of how businesses can better serve their customers and achieve long term prosperity in sustainable, integrated ways.