A little more about me...

I am a business consultant, conservationist, and climber.

I work globally to connect the worlds of business, science, land management, sport and tourism to create economic success for mountain regions while protecting mountain ecosystems. I work with some of the largest conservation organizations in the world.

I help regions respond to climate change by linking climbers and other recreationists to land managers to create valuable "citizen science" projects that focus on species monitoring, reducing human impacts, and preserving biodiversity. I also help publicize the value of Connectivity Conservation as an excellent way to respond effectively to the threats of climate change and the increasing fragmentation of ecosystems around the world.

I also help people succeed in getting the job they want by standing out from the competition. I also help them perform at high levels in their job, creating success for themselves and their employer.

I also work to promote the achievements of people with disabilities, such as our friend Nawang Sherpa, the first person to climb Mount Everest using a prosthetic leg.

Here is more information about me and my blogs: Citizen Scientists and Mountains Biome.